7th June 2017

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta notes

(Planning from my google docs)

-The power of ideas

Symbolicly, the idea of dominoes

-Ideas are bulletproof and can be used to rebuild society


V appears as the terrorist when in fact the terrorist is the government’

-Terrorists are driven by their religion



5th of november

Peace sign


V’s room number

5 streets converging to parliament flooded by protesters

5 government members of Norsefire

The symbol of a Vendetta

Anarchy symbol flipped

Evey- E V


“This is exactly what he wants”


“Anarchy in the UK”


“I suddenly had this feeling that everything was connected”



Chancellor Sutler builds an army



Each domino is a phase of V’s plan, the falling of the dominoes represent the falling of order in society, this is shown by clips of riots happening in the UK.

Dialog is very effective, used with the montage to make the monumental moment have emotional effect on the viewer  

Diegetic and nondiegetic sound

Guy fawkes hung

V coming out in fire and hate/rage, Evey coming out in water/rain and gratitude/laughter/relief

Gordon getting black bagged and Evee’s mum getting black bagged, both from Evey’s POV which is under the bed

Ev laying the Scarlet carsons on the table, inspector Finch in the mirror


V’s symbol is similar the the symbol of Anarchy if flipped upside down


Handing out boxes

“This is exactly what he wants”


“Anarchy in the UK”


Creedy with the chalk X on the door, snaps chalk

Finch going to Lark Hill

Girl gets shot by fingerman

Riot TV

Sutler makes an army

“All v needs to do is keep his word and then”

Dominoes fall

Riot footage

V removes the last piece

Cinematography techniques

Camera angles


Mise En Scene





Body paragraph 1- Domino scene analysis

Body Paragraph 2- Fight scene analysis


Remember to:

-Utilise the SEXY essay structure

-Drive your analysis by referring to ‘must address’ bits

-Use academic terminology

-Refer to the scene and how it affects the entirety of the film


Both body paragraphs need to have the SAME directors intention (not one per paragraph). Remember this intention is presented throughout the entirety of the film and particularly evident in these two scenes.

You must address:

-Two cinematography techniques (and give examples of these) and how they work together to…

Create an effect for the audience

Present the directors intention

Position the viewer

Cause the viewer to reflect on social issues









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